It is safe to say that the COVID-19 outbreak caught the majority of us by surprise. Surprises like this tend to sweep the carpet from underneath us and with them, out the window goes all of our usual routines for staying fit and healthy; after all, there’s way more to important things to worry about in a global crisis than staying fit and healthy. WRONG. With any spreading virus, those with weakened immune systems are at greater risk of contraction, so there has never been a more important time to do what we can to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are three basic things to keep on top of during this crazy time!

1. Stay Hydrated.
By simply drinking more water (2-3 litres per day) our bodies are able to flush toxins and waste
materials out leaving our immune systems in a stronger position to defend itself. As well as this, all
bodily cells and therefore bodily processes require water so function effectively and efficiently,
therefore you will ultimately feel better too during boring lockdown!

2. Exercise Daily.
Rather than spending an extra 20-30 minutes scrolling on Instagram or playing on your XBOX during
lockdown, do some simple exercise. By exercising regularly we benefit from the following:
– Endorphin release! Those hormones that make us feel good even when feel at our lowest.
– Improved sleep! It has been clinically proven that regular exercise results in helping the body
fall into a deeper more replenishing sleep.
– Fat loss! Don’t make yourself feel worse! Letting ourselves go during lockdown will only
result in us feeling worse about the whole situation.
– Strengthens our body! Stronger body and stronger mind leaves us better equipped to ward
off any unwanted contagions and at the very least, equip our bodies to fight it off if we do
become ill.

3. Eat Right.
The World Health Organisation states that’s 70% of all wellness issues could be prevented with
better nutritional choices. By eating well and keeping our bodies in a fit state, our immunity is
strengthened enabling us to be more likely to not contract anything in the first place. 3 healthy
meals per day with snacks as required is a great place to start. Of course with shopping being
difficult and the government recommending using food delivery companies where possible, you can
rest assure that Winny’s Meals is here to help.
Yes these are worrying times, but lets all stay possible and deal with it the best we can. By following
these 3 basic steps we will feel better, have more energy, have stronger immunity plus provide
something else to focus on outside of the doom and gloom of the daily news updates.

With these three basic steps, we are all giving ourselves the best chance of staying healthy during these uncertain times. I’d like to wish you all the very best and urge you to try and stay positive. As hard as it is to see now, there will definitely be positives to take from this journey the whole world is currently going through.

Stay safe.

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