Ditch the scales! 4 best ways you track your progress

Weighing scales are very important if you are a professional boxer or maybe a top level jockey. For most of us, scales are the enemy. We are either in denial about our weight so hide them in the cupboard. For others we use them to track our progress, sometimes leading to being disappointed. Unfortunately scales can’t distinguish between fat and muscle so they often don’t tell the full story.  I hope this blog proves to you that you can throw your scales in the bin! If you are looking to achieve some specific healthy and wellbeing goals, you should check out our new meal prep transformation plans!

1 – Take pictures!

Progress pictures, although a little daunting, are amongst the best ways of gauging your progress on your journey. If you want to use this method, there are a few VERY important rules to follow. Make sure all progress pictures are taken at roughly the same time of day, in the same lighting, wearing the same clothing. Front, back and side is perfect and ideally have it taken by someone else so you can stand neutrally. Nothing is more annoying than manufactured Instagram progress pictures! This is such a pet hate of mine I could actually do a whole blog on the subject! Maybe I will…

2 – Go old school with the measuring tape

Your weighing scales may lie to you, but your measuring tape won’t! Just like with the pictures, there’s a right and wrong way to do this. Important to note, you don’t have to measure everything. Maybe focus on the areas you are mainly concerned with.  A general guide I give is the following:

Waist: measure in line with your belly button

Arm: measure half way between your shoulder and your elbow

Thigh: measure half way between your knee and your hip bone

Chest: as close to under your arm pits as possible

3 – Your clothes

Sometimes you don’t have to track anything. If you are looking to lose body fat or gain  muscle, you’ll notice a change in your clothing if you are going in the right direction.

4 – Catch up with a friend

When we want to change something about our bodies, we often have the tendency to keep checking the mirror every day. Unfortunately, when you check the mirror every day, you don’t notice the miniscule changes that are occurring all the time. We all have a good honest friend that we don’t see as often as we’d like. Book a date in the diary to catch up and see if they notice anything. If they don’t notice the first time, they will certainly notice the second time, especially if you’ve been on our healthy meal prep!

Some of you may still resort to using scales as it seems to be wired into our brains that that’s the way to track progress. But to those who are serious about tracking their results more accurately, simple tasks like taking progress pictures and using a measuring tape could prove to be a better solution. Here are some more reasons!

ditch the scales

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