Water may not taste as good as an ice cold lemonade or gin and tonic on a hot summer day, but one thing is for certain, it’s the only thing we can’t live without. More so than just surviving, there are a huge list of amazing benefits to simply drinking more water (way more benefits than eating healthy meal prep from Winny’s Meals every day!). In this blog I’m going to give you my top 8 reasons to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

1 – It boosts your metabolism

Yes, drinking more water will boost your metabolism resulting in your burning more fat! Your body is made up of loads of different  tissues, muscles, organs and so on, all of which need water to function. So simply by drinking more water, your body and its metabolic processes are able to work more optimally. The best bit is you’ll lose fat!

2 – Who doesn’t want clearer skin?

Most of us… wash our bodies every day to stay clean. But with the amount of stuff going on inside, we should take just as must pride giving our insides a good wash! Drinking water is a great way to flush out toxins and waste from inside out bodies leaving us as squeaky clean on the inside as much as the outside. This way when we urinate we get rid of all of these toxins, instead of them coming out in the form of spots on our faces.

3 –Water Bloat? Drink more water

Your body is a bit like a cactus in the desert. If it doesn’t get enough water, it holds onto it. When you drink plenty water, your body has no need to hold onto water anymore, so it flushes it out when you go to the toilet. So yes, you can actually lose as much as a few centimetres from your waistline in days just by drinking more water.

4 – Irritable bowls? Guess what – drink more water!

Get gassy from time to time? Do you ever struggle with irregular bowl movements? If so then water should be your new best friend. Healthy meal prep will get the right nutrients into your body, but water will help the digestive process and ensure your bowels are moving smoothly.


Your body is made up of around 60% water. When this level is low, we can feel fatigued, lethargic and maybe even get a headache or migraine. When our hydration levels are high, our bodily functions are able to occur optimally, making us feel more energetic and fresh!

6 – The dreaded C Word

Believe it or not, drinking more water has been scientifically proven to help reduce risk of contracting a few different forms of cancer such as bowel, liver and bladder cancer.

7 – Less headaches!

9 times out of 10, the headache you are experiencing is because you are dehydrated. More than 10 million people in the UK get headaches regularly. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is a small price to pay if it means you don’t have to suffer with nasty headaches.

8 – Am I hungry or am I thirsty?

The receptors in your mouth which tell you if you are hungry and thirsty are quite interestingly right next to one another. Sometimes when we are actually thirsty, we experience feelings of hunger. So by drinking more water, it might help you keep your hunger cravings at bay, especially important when you are trying to shed a few pounds!

How do I know I’m drinking enough water?

Your urine is the best sign of how hydrated you are. If its clear in colour, you are hydrated. If it’s a darker yellow colour, you need to drink up!


Believe it or not, there are easily another 10-15 other reasons why you should drink more water but I don’t want to bore you to death. I simply want you to drink more water, feel great because of it ad maximise the effectiveness of your healthy meal prep. You might remember the old Volvic Challenge. I’d love to hear back from you about your positive experiences since drinking more water. Hope you enjoyed this blog, please share!

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