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Plastic free packaging has arrived

Eat your greens from greener packaging!

Winny’s Meals are proud to be plastic free… Our innovative sugar cane packaging is here!

It goes without saying that great tasting food is at the heart of our company. Sustainability and doing the best we can for the environment is also at our heart. We are beyond proud that we are not only the highest rated national meal prep delivery service, but we are also the only the only one to be plastic free (well 99.93% plastic free as we use tape but this will soon be paper based too!). When we calculated that we were responsible for a quarter of a ton of plastic going to Landfill on a monthly basis, we knew we had to do something about it!

We teamed up with Birmingham City University and found an incredible alternative that even outperforms plastic in every department. Our new containers are made from sugar cane pulp, a byproduct created from the production of raw sugar. The pulp is dried and woven into fibres creating a very robust, microwave safe, freezer safe, non-brittle and even OVEN SAFE alternative to conventional plastic containers.

Once used you can add to your compost heap or chuck into your recycling bin knowing that you ate a great meal guilt free. Guilt free as you consumed the best quality, healthy ingredients to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals, and guild free because you are simultaneously doing a great thing for the environment, safeguarding it for our future generations to enjoy as we have.

Thank you all for your continued support to date. Our food is getting better and better and our values and ethical focus strong and stronger.

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